Role of Community Pharmacist in the Care of the Elderly

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Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2008; 1(1):14-18
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Role of Community Pharmacist in the Care of the Elderly

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Tipnis H.P. and Shobha Rani R. Hiremath. $

*Medicine Shoppe (India), Mumbai, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.


One of the world's striking trends that have been widely recognized is the aging of its population. The pharmaceutical care of the elderly population is of utmost concern in the westernized countries. Even in India, where the average life expectancy is 62.5 years, the aging population is growing. The number of elderly women at any point of time is reported to be more than the number of elderly men. With the advancement of science and medicine, life span and productive life of an individual has greatly increased. Added to this is the advances made by the pharma industry in providing affordable modern drugs to control the different diseases. All these factors have contributed to the rise in the number and percentage of elderly population all over the world and even in India. Elderly are more likely to experience drug related problems than any other age groups and also the biggest prescription users (40%) than any other group in the community. Hence, it is necessary and essential to elucidate the role of community pharmacist in the pharmaceutical care of elderly. Community pharmacist should possess certain basic skills, relearn basic pharmacy practice skills, apply the skills for elderly care and carry out the preventive care, and also develop a rational and feasible pharmaceutical care plan (PCP) for the elderly care. As such, community pharmacists therefore can implement quite a few aspects of PCP in India and give benefit of their knowledge to the patients at large.

Key words: Community pharmacist, pharmaceutical care plan, elderly care, geriatric population, non-compliance, quality of life.


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