Published on:April 2024

Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2024; 17(2):187-190

Case Report | doi:10.5530/ijopp.17.2.30

Authors and affiliation (s):

Saurabh Kashyap1, Mukta Maralikar1, Deepak Jha2,*, Md. Akbar3

1Department of Pharmacy Practice, ASPM’s K.T. Patil College of Pharmacy, Dharashiv, Maharashtra, INDIA.

2Department of Pharmacology, Shri D.D. Vispute College of Pharmacy and Research Center, Panvel, Maharashtra, INDIA.

3Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, Al-Karim University, Katihar, Bihar, INDIA.


Meconium-Stained Amniotic Fluid (MSAF) and the resulting Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS) present significant challenges in neonatal care. This case report illustrates the multifaceted approach to managing a newborn with MSAF and highlights the pathophysiology associated with MAS. The case involves a neonate born in emergency circumstances, emphasizing the importance of immediate intervention. Management, including respiratory support, ventilation, inhaled nitric oxide, antibiotics, and steroids, are discussed. While advances in obstetrical and neonatal care have reduced morbidity and mortality associated with MAS, the lack of standardized management guidelines in developing countries remains a concern.

Keywords: Meconium-stained amniotic fluid, Meconium aspiration syndrome, Fetal distress, Respiratory distress, Neonatal management.