Published on: July 2023 

Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2023; 16(3):213-216.  

Original Article | doi:10.5530/ijopp.16.3.34 

Ritesh D. Vyavahare1,*, Mithun G. Maniyar2, Pankaj R. Khuspe3, Ramdas S. Naiknaware1, Vrunal V More2, Anil V. Landage2, Sushant S. Dhandore4

1Deparment of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, SVERI’s College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur, Solapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.

2Deparment of Pharmaceutics, SVERI’s College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur, Solapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.

3Deparment of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, Paniv, Solapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.

4Deparment of Pharmacolgy, SVERI’s College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur, Solapur, Maharashtra, INDIA.


Aim/Background: This cross-sectional study aims to assess the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) of pharmacy students regarding responsible self-medication. Materials and Methods: The study involved 129 pharmacy students from various colleges in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, India. The participants completed a prevalidated KAP questionnaire on appropriate self-medication. The data collected were analyzed using statistical tests, and correlations between various factors were determined. Results: Out of the 129 participants, 78 (60.46%) were between the ages of 20 and 25. Of the total participants, 31% had a diploma, 80.16% had a bachelor’s, and 6.9% had a masters. The results indicated that 43.41% of the participants had good knowledge of responsible self-medication, 96.89% had a positive attitude, and 89.14% had engaged in appropriate self-medication. The study also found significant correlations between good knowledge and sensible application of responsible self-medication and the participant’s age, pharmacy division, place of living, and parents’ occupation (p< 0.05). Conclusion: The study concludes that pharmacy students have a positive attitude toward responsible self-medication, but some of them lack knowledge and practice of responsible self-medication. The findings suggest that pharmacy education should focus on enhancing students’ knowledge and practical skills related to responsible self-medication.

Keywords: Self Medication, Pharmacy students, OTC drugs etc.