Published on:April 2022

Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2022; 15(2):152-154

Case Report | doi:10.5530/ijopp.15.2.27


Sharon C Thomas1, Rajalekshmi K2, Anulekha Mary John3,*, Jibily Joy4, John S Kurian4, Rony Thomas5, Leslie Jacob Chacko6

1Nazereth College of Pharmacy, Othera, Thiruvalla, Kerala, INDIA.

2Ezhuthachan College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA.

3Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Believers Church Medical College Hospital Thiruvalla, Kerala, INDIA.

4Department of Endocrinology, Believers Church Medical College Thiruvalla, Kerala, INDIA.

5Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Believers Church Medical College Thiruvalla, Kerala, INDIA.

6Department of Radiology, Believers Church Medical College Thiruvalla, Kerala, INDIA


Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) usually presents with one of the classical symptoms of hypercalcemia – painful bones, psychic moans, abdominal groans or renal stones. It is well known that many a times PHPT can be asymptomatic. Asymptomatic parathyroid disease is identified on screening, when calcium is found elevated or when bone density is found to be unusually low. Impacted fish bone being a reason for neck imaging and thereby leading on to a diagnosis of PHPT is uncommon. Here we present the unusual way in which a left inferior parathyroid adenoma was diagnosed in a 51 year old lady.

Keywords: Parathyroid adenoma, Hypercalcemia, Hyperparathyroidism, Foreign body, Fishbone.